Monetize Your Mettle Of Meticulously Researched Decisions!

With CallIt, You Can Now Use Your Skill To Trade Your Opinions As NFTs… On Markets, Sports & World Events!


Your Knowledge & Skill… Flawlessly Rewarded!

CallIt - Markets, Politics, World Events, Sports… Know Them All? Trade Your Skilful Opinions & Get Rewarded!

    See it in action

    Explore listed topics

    Go through topics from cricket, football, crypto markets and more.

    Do your own research

    Look up the event and educate yourself on it.

    Take a position

    Once you’ve done your research, take a stance by voting on your opinion.

    Cash out if you win

    Once the event resolves in the real world, cash out your reward if you’re on the winning side.

    Trade on World Events


    You decide when to exit trades.

    By utilising the 'Exit' feature, the user can exit from their current trade after a match is made but before the question expires, thereby aiding them in managing potential losses and enhancing potential profits.


    Cancel trades before you match

    Callit allows users to cancel trades before matching with other users, thereby allowing them to withdraw any committed funds without a loss.

    How it Works?

    Do your market research on real-world events that are currently unfolding and vote 'yes' or 'no' for a chance to profit off of your opinions.

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      Instantly fund your account and get going seamlessly with UPI & other Payment gateways.

    • profit


      Express your opinions on market events that you are knowledgeable about by casting a simple vote of either yes or no.

    • trade


      Turn your instincts and knowledge into effortless victories at every event – and profit big!


    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Are there any deductions on winnings, such as TDS?

    When will the event be settled?

    Why am I unable to exit the trade?

    I am unable to cancel a trade. What should I do?

    Can I get a refund?

    What Are The Topics And Categories Available on Callit?


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